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Multimedia exhibition «Just Like You»

The Dolphin Embassy’s first Multimedia exhibition «Just Like You» at the International Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg. An alternative to dolphinariums, where only free-living dolphins and whales may be observed. 

48 hours non-stop, almost 10000 visitors.


Children live in a world of wonder. They believe in fairy tales, and therefore, for them fairy tales are a reality, and not fiction. The world is inhabited by animals who can talk and is full of the kindest miracles ... 

Today, 18 November, is a historic day. In St. Petersburg, a Revolution is taking place again. This time – in the name of kindness. During the Dolphins Day taking place in the framework of the International Cultural Forum, scientists and thinkers from different countries will present evidence that the animals can indeed speak; that whales and dolphins are intelligent, have feelings, a language, individuality, culture.

We don’t know if many people will take notice right away, and how many will be able to accept it, but tomorrow we will wake up in a different world. Or at least with a different view of the world. It’s been said: "Be like children ..." Thanks to everyone who will take part in this today. Detailed reports will be provided in a few days, when the time resumes its flow.

The international conference “Language and Culture of Dolphins and Whales» in the framework of the International Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg. 

Leading experts - whale and dolphin researchers, experts in the science of consciousness, culturologist and environmentalists from Russia, France, the United States, Canada presented evidence of dolphins and whales' intelligence, self-awareness, developed language, culture, and complex social system. In essence, cetaceans were recognized as humanity’s “brothers in mind”.


  • Jim Darling, Whale Trust;
  • Hal Whitehead*, The Whitehead Research Lab, Dalhousie University;
  • Alexander Agafonov, Oceanographic Institute, Russian Academy of Science;
  • Sandra Guyomard, Réseau-Cétacés;
  • Alexandr Asmolov, Psychology of Personality Department, Faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University;
  • Toni Frohoff*, TerraMar Research, In Defense of Animals;
  • Alfonso Cauteruccio, Greenaccord;
  • Oleg Lebedev, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation;
  • Tatiana Beley, co-producer of "Born To Be Free" documentary;
  • Denis Kotov, bookchaine "Bookvoed";
  • Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky, Dolphin Embassy.



The signing of the international Declaration on the Rights and Freedom of Dolphins and Whales (St. Petersburg, November 2017). Already in the discussion phase, it was supported by more than two thousand scientists, cultural and public figures from 25 countries.

The list of signees will be posted later and continually updated.

You may sign the Declaration at the Dolphin Embassy web site:


or at the Change.org platform:



Dolphin lesson

The main part of the "Childlike Revolution" – children are one part of humanity closest to dolphins. "A Lesson in Dolphin» and an exhibition of children's drawings in the framework of the International Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg.


"PLAN A" and "Duet with Keith"

The closing of the first-ever Dolphins Day in the framework of the International Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg: a screening of working materials for the Dolphin Embassy’s upcoming film "The

Tenderness Predator " and a concert by Bernard Abeille "Duet with the Whale".