Dolphins Day
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Dolphins­­­­ Day

Dolphins Day at the  VI St Petersburg International Cultural Forum ”Language and Culture of Dolphins” 


 We, humans, have always wanted to find “brothers in reason”. To prove that we are not alone in the Universe. But what if the bearers of a different intelligence are not terribly far away, but within arm’s reach, what if they are not hostile, but peaceful and friendly, if they have not appeared here suddenly, but have always been here – long before us. They are not aliens from another planet. They are dolphins. They are living so close to us. Just where the shore ends. 

 «Dolphin Principle», Dolphin Embassy 


 On November 18-19, 2017 a series of events on the language and culture of dolphins and whales, dedicated to the Dolphins Day, was taking place in Saint Petersburg as part of the VI Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum.  For the first time ever the issues of intelligence, culture and language of a different species was discussed at an international forum of such a level. Experts from Russia, USA, France, Italy and Canada have presented facts and studies proving the extraordinary high level of dolphins civilization and signed the Declaration on the rights and freedom of dolphins and whales. The document will lay the grounds for further legislation updates and, more importantly, would start a new stage of humanitarian development. 

 “The question of dolphins’ intelligence is more about our own cognitive abilities, it’s about whether we are able to recognize a different type of intelligence”, - Nicole Gratovsky says. 

The conference content is reflected in the topics presented by the speakers. 

Participating experts: 

Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky – anthropologists, founders of the Dolphin Embassy, authors of books and films about whales and dolphins, and the heads of international scientific expeditions. 

 A different humanity 

Bernard Werber - writer (France)

 Writer and dolphins: conscious dreams

Tatyana Beley - author of “Born to be free” documentary 

How can the sea be given back to dolphins? 

Bernard Abeille – a jazz musician, writer and composer; author of theatrical performances about dolphins and whales (France). 

Jim Darling – a marine biologist, whales behavior and culture researcher, author of scientific articles and books about whales (USA)

Songs of whales

Sandra Guyomard – President of the European Association for Protection of Cetaceans (Réseau-Cétacés, France). 

The situation with dolphins in Europe

Alexander Asmolov – head of Personal Psychology department of the MSU, a member of the Russian Academy of Education (Russia). 

How not to oversleep a parallel civilization

Alexander Agafonov – research associate at the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, an expert in acoustic communication of marine mammals (Russia). 

How dolphins communicate

Hal Whitehead – a marine biologist, professor at the Canadian Dalhousie University, an expert in culture and language of whales (remote participation from Canada). 

Culture of whales

Oleg Lebedev - member of the State Parliament of Russian Federation Dolphins and legislative issues Toni Frohoff, Ph.D. in marine mammal biology, is the Director of Research and co-founder of TerraMar Research, author of books and scientific articles in marine mammal behavior and communication in captivity and in the wild (remote participation from USA). 

Dolphins and whales are personalities

Alfonso Cauteruccio - president of Greenaccord Association and International Media Forum for protection of Nature “People building future” (Italy). 

Dolphins and information 

The moderator of the conference is Denis Kotov, public activist, founder of the “Bukvoed” company: "We are witnessing a cultural rEvolution. It’s time to demonstrate all the people’s gratitude and respect to dolphins by providing them with freedom and the right to live, not losing their children in favor of ours. 2017 in Saint Petersburg is the best time to start building new relations between intelligent people and these intelligent inhabitants of Earth – dolphins and whales. The exhibition “Just like you. Human and Dolphin" allows the visitors to dive into the underwater world of dolphins and also demonstrates an alternative way of interaction with free dolphins”. 

The main outcome of the conference is the Declaration on rights and freedom of dolphins and whales. At the preparation stage experts and artists from over than 20 countries, among them:

Kjell Nordström - economist, writer and public speaker, author of an international best-seller «Funky Business»; 

Praful (Ulrich Schröder) - multi-instrumentalist, master sax&flute player, singer, producer;

Gunnar Michanek - businessman, mindfulness and emotional intelligence trainer for Government of Sweden, founder of «Minds Unlimited»; 

Mikael Karlholm - business trainer, founder of «Spread the Word»; 

Preethaji - spiritual teacher, co-founder of One World Academy; 

Marina Semushkina - producer, president of Usadba Jazz festival, director of ArtMania Production. 

Antonio Damasio, neuroscientist, head of Brain and Creativity Institute; 

 Ervin Laszlo, philosopher of science, founder of Club of Budapest and General Evolutionary Research Group;  

Ashok Khosla, co-president of the Club of Rome, co-chair of United Nations Environment Programme’s International Resource Panel , president of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN); 

Michel Odent, medic, founder of Primal Health Research Centre; 

David Woolfson, lawyer, co-founder of World Wisdom Alliance; 

Ralph Metzner , psychologist and writer, Green Earth Foundation; 

Graeme Kelleher, senior advisor to World Commission on Protected Areas, Professor of Systems Engineering; 

Steven M. Wise, legal scholar, president of Nonhuman Rights Project; 

David Phillips, biologist, co-founder of Earth Island Institute, director of International Marine Mammal Project; 

James Balog, photographer, founder & president, Earth Vision Institute; 

David Rothenberg, musician, professor of philosophy 

Rafa Herrero Massieu, naturalist, underwater cinematographer, founder of Aquawork; 

Maddalena Bearzi, biologist, founder and president of Ocean Conservation Society; 

George Ovashvili, cinematographer; 

 Guillaume Néry, freediver, multiple world record holder; 

Vidal Martin Martel, president of Sociedad para el Estudio de los Cetáceos en el Archipiélago Canario (SECAC); 

Sandra Guyomard, president of Réseau-Cétacés; 

Oriana Kalama, founder of Ocean Defender; 

Steven Weinberg, marine biologist, writer, photographer; 

Rene Hezey, underwater cinematographer; founder of Ocean de Vie; 

And in Russia:Mikhail Kazinik, Slava Polunin, Konstantin Khabenskiy, Chulpan Khamatova, Irina Hakamada, Andrey Makarevich, Ivan Zatevakhin, Gor Nahapetian, Tatiana Beley, Serguei Solonin, Arkady Shilkloper, Alena Doletskaya, Denis Kotov, Pavel Muntyan, Anna Gaan, Vadim Demchog, Maria Semushkina, Eduard Sagalaev, Andrey Maximov and many more. 

 In 48 hours the exhibition was attended by 8 000 people. Dolphins Day of the St Petersburg International Cultural Forum represents not just a unprecedented shift in global recognition of a different type of intelligence, but also an important step for moral progress of the humanity, ensuring sustainable and balanced development of life on our planet. The Declaration was already signed by more than 4000 people. Anyone can sign the Declaration at (available in English, French, Russian and Spanish). 

Dolphin Day agenda included: 

 - conference «Language and culture of dolphins» featuring foreign and Russian experts; 

- presentation of the International Declaration of Rights and Freedom for dolphins and whales; 

 - ecological lesson for children and teenagers devoted to whales and dolphins («Dolphin language class»); 

- exhibition of children’s paintings «Dolphin and me»; 

 - multimedia exhibition «Just like you. Human and Dolphin» open at the «Water Universe» museum complex in the 48-hour-non-stop-mode (free entrance). 

- presentation of a new book about dolphins and people – the Almanac of Dolphin Embassy «Plan A»; 

 - demonstration of the materials from the future Dolphin Embassy’s film «Predator Tenderness»; 

 - multimedia show by Bernard Abeille «Duet with a whale» 

More information: 

St Petersburg International Cultural Forum 

Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum is an event of a global scale involving thousands of experts in culture from various countries. This year for the first time ever the matter of culture and language of another biological species (cetacean) is discussed at such a high level. This precedent is an important step towards a global recognition of another kind of intelligence that has been living side by side with the humanity for thousands of years. 


The Dolphin Embassy is an international non-governmental humanitarian mission. Its activities focus on what makes life alive, full and joyous, imbued with meaning and strength.The Embassy is a research, information, consultancy and production center that aims to create a new cultural environment conducive to a sustainable and harmonious development of life and consciousness on the Planet. Some of the first chargé d'affaires of the Dolphins Embassy were Umberto Eco, Ray Bradberry, Ravi Shankar, Masary Emoto. 




OSEBO drums, Karelia orchestra
November 18, 21:00
Sunrise yoga with Gala Samoylova 
November 19, 08:00 
"Interterrastrial. A Fleeting Comtact" (by Dolphin Embassy)
November 19, 19:00 
(Dmitry Zhuchenko) 
November 19, 21:00